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Lets Document Holistic Treatment

How does your body d(evolve) over time?

Bodyspaces offers

  • Free Easy online Booking

    Easy, automatic reminders and calendar sync options, minimizing no-shows.

  • Empowerment Features

    Tools to organize valuable information and better prepare your clients for treatment.

  • Next Generation Journaling

    Access for clients to update their own health journal in between sessions, allowing more treatment time.

  • 21. Century Tools

    Provide your clients with information. Exercises, advice and inspiration in a thoroughly modern platform

  • Mastery

    Process information quicker; spend less time with administration and more time at your true work

  • Stay Motivated

    Document your results over time. See for yourself what your work means. Results keep client and practitioner motivated.

be first, be curious, be bold

We are preparing ourselves for takeoff. If you sign up, we will listen to your needs and dedicate ourselves to give you more.
Collaborating with you means the world to us

What happens next?

  • Join Bodyspaces for free

    We welcome your clients to our platform: little effort, no cost. They can easily book appointments with you online. They get instant confirmation about their booking and have easy access to edit their appointments. They also receive a reminder about the session the day before

  • More time for treatment

    Before a treatment you can add info to your journal. You will be better prepared and can get to treating your client faster, without losing track of progression. Your clients will feel the increased confidence that comes from having overview of your notes.The quality of the treatment will improve together with the sense of collaboration.

  • Results breeds motivation

    After treatment your clients can provide feedback using their mobile device. This service will empower them to stay committed to your collaboration. Tracking the results of your treatment in a systemised way, will keep them motivated to make good choices and recommend your help to others.

  • Use Bodyspaces

    Sign up above and join us. Our goal, like yours, is to increase human health on this planet. We respect your work and are dedicated to give you the best tools possible. If you can spend your time doing what you are best at, everyone wins. Engage your clients like never before and unlock resources in them and yourself.

  • A Powerful Beginning

    We will help you with administering your bookings, systemizing your journal entries, giving you access to information on mobile devices and invite your clients to join the platform. This is just the beginning. Making a holistic body assessment on real pictures of your clients is next. New technology gives new opportunities for the pioneering spirit.

  • Support your Hands

    Bodyspaces will help set you apart and give you credibility, in the health market. Supporting your skills with tools developed from modern technology is a natural and important part of any profession. No one creates alone! We will listen to what works for you. Bodyspaces provides full-time tech assistance and give room for you to grow.